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Emma, BHS 2017

Our oldest, Emma, graduated from BHS in 2017. Thanks in large part to her academic experience in Barrington, she was extremely successful in her college pursuit. Not only did she receive merit offers from top universities, but we were shocked she had already earned more than 50 credit hours simply based on AP classes at BHS. Ultimately, she accepted a full academic scholarship to the University of Cincinnati, where she has been able to concentrate on a unique combination of anthropology and computer science engineering as a member of the Honors College. Emma was in the first cohort of the Spanish Dual Language program at A.C. Lines Elementary which also contributed greatly to her success and interest in anthropology and acumen to learn computer languages easily.  We often hear that BHS preparedness gives our graduates a sizable head start compared to other districts, and we certainly found that to be true in her case. 


Jackson, CAA 2020

Our second child, Jackson, likewise benefited from Barrington schools on his journey to become a professional ballet dancer. Jackson’s passion for dance began in Barrington at the Bataille Academie for Danse. While at BHS, he danced with BHS Orchesis and Dancewerks. When Jackson determined that his path to become a professional dancer required him to attend the Chicago Academy for the Arts (CAA), his mentors from BMS Station, BHS, local dance studios and the community provided the support he needed to achieve this goal. Moreover, his strong foundation in both academics and fine arts made his transition from public to private a smooth one.  Jackson graduated with a dance degree from CAA in 2020 and is currently pursuing a dance career as a professional dancer at Ballet West.

Maxwell, BHS 2023

Our youngest, Maxwell, is a sophomore at Barrington High School. Maxwell is a dedicated athlete, competing in both BHS Baseball and Football. Like his brother, Maxwell found his love for sports in the Barrington community, growing up with Barrington Youth Football, Baseball and Wrestling. His coaches and mentors contributed to his athletic success by creating a fun and fair competitive atmosphere throughout his years of playing. Today, having a son in high school, we are keenly attuned to the challenges of pandemic learning as well as playing sports during a global pandemic. Not only do we have a deep empathy and understanding of the challenges faced by families in the district, but we have a real-time perspective on what has worked, what hasn’t and how best to move forward for the benefit of our kids and community during this evolving public health crisis. 

Personal Story


The benefit of a Barrington education can be illustrated in a personal story.  When my daughter Emma was a junior, we attended a college recruiting event out of state and were among the last in line to shake hands with an Ivy League recruiter.  It was getting late and we could see that the recruiter wanted to wrap things up. When Emma finally had the opportunity to introduce herself, and mentioned she was a student at Barrington High School, the recruiter suddenly stopped and took more time to talk with Emma. He said he knew about Barrington, and he gave her his business card. He did that for no other student at the late hour.  Witnessing firsthand that Barrington’s reputation for excellence was well known to this Ivy League recruiter, I couldn’t help but feel proud as both a parent and a school board member.  

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